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What Is ACC Advisor

The mobile App you are about to download will give visitors the option to evaluate the accessibility of places of interest to visitors, whether tourists or local people. The aim is to give guidance about how accessible the place is, to be of help to other visitors who need the information. The App does not intend to replace any other tourist guide or app, or indeed, any professional tourist platform. It is an output from the GROWMAT project and we would appreciate your feedback and evaluation of the App.

ACC Advisor is an Intellectual output of GROWMAT!

Growmat is an Erasmus+ KA2 project

GROWMAT is a European project, which started in December 2016. The object of the project is to create new business opportunities in Accessible Tourism for seniors and others, particularly extending the out-of-season market.

There are many active older people and this is a new market-place. Innovative educational programs will assist in forming opportunities for entrepreneurs and existing businesses, and creating new employment for young people.


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